Types of Back Braces That Can Improve Posture

All kinds of back braces are available here at United Medical Equipment. We provide back braces for patients who suffer from back pain due to bad posture, scoliosis, or unknown causes. We work with doctors to ensure that the back braces our customers buy are suited to the problem they are experiencing, and we have a long history of working with insurance companies to make sure that patients are getting the coverage they need. There are a number of types of back braces that are available on the market today and some are considered more effective for improving posture than others.


Rigid Braces

Back braces that are rigid provide support for patients with stability problems, either due to an injury or surgery. While rigid braces are the right choice for patients who are weak due to inactivity, they tend to restrict motion and are not suitable if you are actually trying to strengthen your back. In general, rigid braces are heavy and not comfortable for long term use.


Sacroiliac Belt

A sacroiliac belt is designed to keep the sacroiliac joint in the correct position. For many people, low back pain is caused by bad posture and a mis-aligned sacroiliac joint. Wearing a sacroiliac belt can help to adjust that positioning and reduce the pain. Sacroiliac belts are worn around the hips and are fairly comfortable because they are made of elastic materials.


Corset Brace

Corset braces are usually worn by individuals who are recovering from spinal surgery and require extra support, similar to the rigid brace. However, a corset brace can be much more comfortable because they are made from cloth and corset-like supports. They provide support and can help recovering patients to regain good posture after surgery.


Occupational Brace

By far, the most common back brace for posture is the occupational brace. If your job requires that you do a lot of heavy lifting, good posture is essential to avoiding injury and pain. Most injuries caused by improper use of the back are low back injuries, so the occupational back brace supports the lower back and sometime the hips and shoulders are also supported. Occupational braces are a type of corset brace worn specifically when you will be using your back in a way that may cause pain and injury, especially if you have trouble with bad posture.

There are many other forms of back braces, especially those that are prescribed for patients with scoliosis, but if you are simply hoping to correct your posture or avoid injuries related to bad posture, it is likely that one of the above types of back braces will be best for you. Of course, you should talk to your doctor about whether or not a back brace is really what you need to correct your posture. For some patients, using a back brace may be counter productive, especially if you need to strengthen your back muscles. Additional support may only serve to restrict motion. However, if you want to improve your posture and need that physical reminder, a back brace for posture could be perfect for you.